No &Vib

No &Vib is a central unit established as a virtual platform at the University of Novi Sad for launching and facilitating strategic cooperation among the key stakeholders engaged in Noise&Vibration (No&Vib) fields from the following academic and non-academic sectors:

  • Education and research sector;
  • Government sector;
  • Business sector;
  • Professional sector and expert services groups;
  • Non-governmental sector.

No&Vib Hub Mission:

Developing effective mechanisms for cooperation between stakeholders engaged in No&Vib fields, including:

  • Student internship programme;
  • Industrial scholarship/fellowship programme;
  • Providing practical subjects for students’ MSc theses;
  • Realisation of joint projects;
  • Exchange of knowledge on the related topics and legislation;
  • Monitoring of reform policies;
  • Presenting results of noise and vibration monitoring;
  • Development and implementation of professional training courses, seminars and workshops for various types of trainees;
  • Educational activites for wider community;
  • Dissemination activities;
  • New issues, etc.