WORKPLAN Project Year 2 (from the proposal), 15 Nov 2019 -14 Nov 2020

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2.1.Requirements, design and enhancement of an ICT platform

 Report: 1

Service/Product (ICT platform e-SENVIBE): 1

2.3.Training of Serbian teachers and techniciansTraining: 1
3.1Redesign of existing courses Report: 1
3.2.Design of new courses Report: 1
3.3.Development of learning materials

Multimedia presentations: 15

HTML applications: 4

Video presentations: 3

Short-term measurement examples: 1

Simulations and examples: 12

Self-evaluation tests and quizzes: 5

PDF files: 22


3.4.Implementation of modernized and new courses NADelayed
4.1.Development of LLL courses Course developed: 1
4.2.Development of learning materials and training packagesTraining Package: 1
4.3.Creation of a SENVIBE GlossaryPublication: 1
4.4.Implementation of LLL courses NADelayed
5.1.Development of the MSc curriculum in VAE Report: 1
5.2.Development of e-learning and b-learning materials

Preparation for material development:

11 courses

5.3.Accreditation of the MSc VAE programme Accreditation Certificate: 1
5.4.Enrollment of the MSc students NADelayed
5.5.Implementation of the MSc VAE studies NADelayed
6.1.Define a framework for cooperation between the stakeholders Report: 1
6.2.Specification of activities, programmes and services aimed at students and at wider society NADelayed
6.3.Defining the No&Vib Hub space, roles and responsibilities Report: 1

6.4.Establishment of the No&Vib Hub

 Report: 1

 Event: 1

7.2.Internal and external reviews of the processes and outcomes

  External: 1

 Monitoring visit: 1

7.3.Students’, trainees’ and stakeholders’ evaluation of the realised activities Evaluations: 3
8.2.Development and maintenance of the SENVIBE website Continuous enhancement
8.3.Producing and publishing promotional materialMaterials: 6 different items
8.4.Media, enrollment and promo campaigns Events: 47
8.6.Preparation of the Exploitation Plan Report: 1
8.7.Institutional sustainability

 Report: 1

Event: 3

9.2.Organizing project coordination meetings

Project Management Team Meetings: 4

Steering Committee Meetings: 1

Other Meetings: 15

9.5.Daily project management Continuous activities






Teaching/ Learning/ Training material


Access is permitted via the password obtained from the Project Coordinator so as to protect personal and confidential data.