SENVIBE Guides for employees and employers published, 4 February 2022

Two new publications:

  1. Occupational noise – guide for employees and employers
  2. Occupational vibration – guide for employees and employers

are created within the SENVIBE project. These are the outcomes of the activity carried out within the virtual platform for noise and vibration ’No & Vib Hub’ ,which is a central unit established to initiate and enable different sectors to establish strategic cooperation between them.

This activity was led by the Union of Employers of Vojvodina, who accepted the partnership in the SENVIBE project with the aim of raising the capacity of its members – business entities, as well as to establishing closer cooperation with higher education institutions for the sake of improving knowledge related to occupational noise and vibration.

These two guides contain basic information on occupational noise and vibration, characteristic parameters and relevant values, harmful effects of noise and vibration on people, risk assessment procedure to reduce their harmful effects on employees, employers’ obligations in this area, protective measures, and personal protective equipment, as well as the associated national regulations.

The editor of these publications is Professor Ivana Kovačić from the University of Novi Sad, the SENVIBE Project Coordinator. The contributing authors are:

  • Miljana Stojšić Stojanovska and Branislava Đukić from the Union Employers of Vojvodina,
  • Momir Praščević and Darko Mihajlov from the University of Niš and
  • Ivan Lomen and Milorad Španović from the Institute for Occupational Health, Novi Sad.